Mcdougal has stated one Riza has actually large arms away from the lady army training and you can flared hips right for their ages

Mcdougal has stated one Riza has actually large arms away from the lady army training and you can flared hips right for their ages

Riza Hawkeye (????????, Riza Hokuai) is actually an excellent lieutenant on the Amestrian County Army including the non-public adjutant and bodyguard of Colonel Roy Mustang. An excellent sharpshooter and you will firearms specialist, Lt. Hawkeye are a valuable resource for the Colonel in place of work as well as on the new battlefield and serves as his nearest and more than supporting subordinate.


Riza Hawkeye was a lady in her middle-to-later twenties which have a mildly muscular and you may curvaceous create, blonde hair one has reached the midst of the girl back and brown sight.

If you’re this lady has started known to wear her locks down, on the job Riza wears they fastened up from the back which have a clip barrette into the a style you to is much like a beneficial bird tail. This lady fucks fall-in a hawk’s wing pattern off straight to kept, sporadically partially obscuring this lady kept eyes. Even though she got worn the girl tresses quick in her own youngsters and you can during the their tenure within the Ishval, she first started and can grow out in 1910 shortly after to-be knowledgeable about which have Winry Rockbell. Each one of the woman ears is pierced that have a gold stud and you can, while in disguise, Riza has been proven to wear fake sunglasses. Riza appear to wears a black, short-sleeved turtleneck significantly less than their army uniform and sometimes during everyday skirt also. Even though Riza enjoys listed (during the Perfect Guide 2) you to definitely dresses maximum course and tend to be not anticipate inside an effective armed forces workplace, during civilian gowns, Riza is certainly caused by observed in long skirts and you can sneakers.

Regarding the manga and 2009 anime, she’s a giant and you may elaborate tat which takes care of most this lady back which have highest elements of they completely obscured by burn off marks. She usually wears gowns suited for hide the new tat.


Riza try a quiet, obtained lady, which have a life threatening however, courteous demeanor. Hawkeye are seen of the their colleagues just like the model of good prime soldier; purely controlled and extremely mental, she barely calms when on the job that’s always assigned which have keeping the lady associates on course. Even though regarding the outside she might seem rigid, rigid, as well as a tiny imply, Hawkeye is not as cold and you may distant as the she can happen. Those individuals alongside their be aware that there’s a whole lot more in order to the woman than simply her zero-nonsense emotions; underneath this lady professional vibe was a kind soul just who knows the fresh new challenge away from holding huge load.

Riza’s delicate front side produces in itself recognized using her relationships with more youthful emails, for instance the Elric brothers and you may Winry Rockbell , therefore actually unusual observe the girl acting sweetly to the this lady dogs Shiba Inu,

It can be inferred that Riza including changed along the age; within her teenagers, she did actually were instead timid and you will idealistic regarding community in particular. Growing right up on this lady dad’s domestic, she probably experienced a sheltered types of young people. Immediately after signing up for brand new army, the girl enjoy in Ishval destroyed this lady younger idealism and you will switched her for the almost stoic Lieutenant Hawkeye. Hawkeye is offered on combat that have a significant will, sufficiently strong enough so you can neck the fresh new heavy guilt she willingly bears, and spends so it determination to stand alongside and assistance Mustang from the expectations one generations to come will remain free of the newest horrors from something like Ishval. Reticent, she cannot talk unnecessarily otherwise show the lady emotions often through conditions, but shows the girl a lot of the woman viewpoint as a consequence of nonverbal telecommunications, which have trademark evident seems and you will unusual, simple smiles.

Her character shows a combination anywhere between a beneficial tortured woman in search of redemption she feels are unreachable, and you will a resigned acceptance away from past errors in addition to their effects. Hawkeye learns away from Ishval to accept commitments on her behalf strategies by herself, instead of position fault or burden on the some other. She decides she need certainly to compromise her very own joy and you may spirits and you can continue steadily to dirty this lady give with blood since good soldier inside the purchase to create peace to those. In spite of the emotional issues within the facing her problems, she discovers to school herself and her emotions since the individual fight, brushing off of the matter regarding other people, constantly influence grief otherwise real pain with a hard top lip.

Mcdougal has stated one Riza has actually large arms away from the lady army training and you can flared hips right for their ages

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